Wednesday 13th March - 7.30 - 9.30 pm

In our busy lives, it is just so easy to not make any time for ourselves, our health and well being. MoJoLife Winchester will be hosting a new series of #metime presentations to encourage women to do just this and take some time out for an informative evening of conversation on a current health topic - Gut health will be the first in a new series of sessions covering key health themes, underpinned by current scientific research and designed to equip you to make informed choices to optimise your health and well-being - we cannot look after others unless we look after ourselves.

Debbie Clark will outline the latest developments in gut science, discussing how the microbiome influences all our bodily functions - immunity, metabolism, cardiovascular, mental health, hormonal balance. She will explain the role that gut bacteria plays in our physical and mental wellbeing and give advice on how to create a healthy 'gut garden', prebiotics and probiotics. 'We are what we eat' literally!

Light refreshments provided.