MoJoGroup is small group training for women which is run during term time. I prefer to keep each group to a minimum of 3 (and currently a maximum of 5) in each session to ensure all my clients feel they get the most out of each class.  


These sessions are not bespoke to your individual aspirations, but are well balanced, all round sessions.  I keep the classes small so I can take account of individual fitness levels and exercise experience. Classes are focused on total body conditioning and depending on which class format you choose, have a mix of free weight and body weight resistance exercises and cardio bursts.    

Runfit Group


This takes place on one morning a week and focuses on strength, stamina and stretch.  There are two levels, a beginners group for those who want to complete a 'couch to 5k' and an intermediate group for those who can already run 5k.


The intermediaate session is not focused on distance running, but is a mix of strength work and hills/interval work. Sessions are outdoors and are run in conjunction with Alexandra Sports at Olivers Battery in Winchester.   

MoJoOne is my 1-to-1 personal training offer. 


These sessions are bespoke and planned around you, your busy life schedule and your fitness goals. My personal, 1-to-1 sessions are focussed entirely on you and combine a mix of cardio work and strength training.  I can train with you at my studio or your home, indoors or outdoors - basically wherever suits you and fits in with your diary.  


I can also offer nutritional advice and an exercise plan to compliment your 1-to-1 sessions with me.


MoJoOne is also offered on a 2-to-1 basis if there are two people who want to train together over a period of time and have similar fitness objectives. Maybe a friend, or a partner?  Or possibly an excellent way to buddy up with someone you don't know who has aims like yours?  The sessions are bespoke as for the 1-to-1 option. 

MoJo Runfit One


This is offered on a 1-to-1 or a 2-to-1 basis and is aimed at either those who are new to running or those who want to increase their distance or speed. Perhaps you have a race goal?  Or maybe you just want to get out and about and relieve some of that daily stress through running!  These sessions are not distance based, but focus on building strength and stamina. This is a bespoke service according to your needs and aims.  


Sessions are priced as for the MoJoOne block price, but there are seven sessions. There are 4 x 1 hour sessions focused on strength and stretching and 3 x 40 minute sessions focused on building stamina either by interval or hill training.


Helping you to stay healthy


There's another you waiting inside.  Whether you are fit and active but enjoy the company of a small group when you exercise, or you just need some motivation to get going; you only live once - so it's time to get your MoJo.


MoJo is different. Jo cares - she doesn't push you too hard and knows what is right for you for an enjoyable and empowering experience.


Jo is a qualified Personal Trainer and has the skills to grow with you as well as a bespoke approach which takes into account all of your quirks - whatever they may be!


Welcome to your MoJo.

To find out more call Jo.... 

07946 378547



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