MoJo Strength and Conditioning


A low impact, low aerobic class.  Hand held weights and body weight exercises are used to help you become stronger and more toned.


MoJo Circuits


This class will help to increase your strength and stamina and help to trim and tone.  A series of exercises are performed in a circuit format with the use of e.g. hand held weights, kettlebells and bands.




Strength, stamina and stretch for runners.  This is an outdoor workout run in conjuntion with Alexandra Sports at Olivers Battery in Winchester. 


MoJo Go


High Intensity Interval Training MoJo style - alternate between high intensity and low intensity exercise during this total body workout.  


As well as those who exercise regularly, all studio classes are suitable for complete beginners and those looking to return to exercise.  You work at your level (maximum of 5 people per class).




Helping you to stay healthy


There's another you waiting inside.  Whether you are fit and active but enjoy the company of a small group when you exercise, or you just need some motivation to get going; you only live once - so it's time to get your MoJo.


MoJo is different. Jo cares - she doesn't push you too hard and knows what is right for you for an enjoyable and empowering experience.


Jo is a qualified Personal Trainer and has the skills to grow with you as well as a bespoke approach which takes into account all of your quirks - whatever they may be!


Welcome to your MoJo.

To find out more call Jo.... 

07946 378547



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